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The holyday resort, Baile Tusnad is situated on the south part of Ciuc-basin, at 650 m height, between Harghita and Bodoc mountains, in the famous defile of Olt. The area is richly covered by forests with conifer and deciduous species.

This is the smallest city from Romania with a population of approximate 1900 people. In 1986 it was declared as town because of the mineral water treatment-station, thanks to its natural beauties and curative properties. It was named already in the last century as the Pearl of Transylvania. This is the most important holyday and treatment resort of Harghita County and one of the most beautiful treatment-settlements of Romania. The city has a valuable landscape around and natural tourist objectives.

The holyday-resort is situated in an advantageous area in geographic point of view, in the corridor of Ciuc-basin, which has opening in north-east side at defile of Toplita - Deda, cut of the river Mures, this is why the town is easily accessible from every side of the country. The town is crossed by the national road no. 12: - Brasov - Sfântu Gheorghe - Miercurea Ciuc - Baile Tusnad - Gheorgheni. The national road no. 12A joins the settlement to Bacau municipality on the route: Baile Tusnad - Miercurea Ciuc – national road no. 12 - Comanesti - Bacau.
The main railway no. 4 crosses Baile Tusnad from south to north on the route Bucharest - Brasov - Sfântu Gheorghe - Baile Tusnad - Miercurea Ciuc - Ciceu - Deda - Dej Calatori - Baia Mare - Satu Mare. On Ciceu the railway splits up to a secondary railway which crosses the Eastern Carpathians through Ciceu - Adjud, joining the two main railways (4 and 5), but also the two historic parts of the country: Transylvania and Moldova.

The foreign tourists who are coming by airway can use the international airport of Bucharest - Otopeni. Those who want to come closer to Tusnad Bai can fly from Bucharest to Bacau. Băile Tusnad is situated on the national road no.12 at 69 km distance from Brasov, 35 km from Sfântu Gheorghe, and 34 km from Miercurea Ciuc.

About the mineral waters of the area of Tusnad we have written documents even from the second part of the VIIIth century, which mention the existence of some mineral water spas with curative effects used by the population of the close villages.

The different geological formation of the area creates conditions to produce different sort of mineral waters from the point of view of chemical properties and also the physical behavior (debit, temperature).

The determinant factor which causes the production of carbo-gassy mineral waters from the area is the presence of carbon emanations, due to the postvocalic activity of the gas-emanation aureole appertaining to the eruptive chain of Caliman – Gurghiu

– Harghita mountains. The natural hydro-mineral resources are captured and used in treatments in form of internal and / or external cure.

The volcanic origin phenomena from this area were very important for the establishment and development of the holyday resort. The mofettas and the mineral waters made possible to use this place for tourism, agreement and treatment goals.

The mofettas have poisonous gas emanations at low temperature. Where there are gas emanations, there are also made dry bath installations with carbon dioxide. These can be used only with medical prescription.

The ancestor of Baile Tusnad holyday resort was near the Tisas spring. Since 1861 the settlement is named "Baile Tusnad" and since 1866 the springs are analyzed and the water of the main spring is bottled. Since 1845 the investors from the environs have formed cooperation and started to build the holyday resort. The main spring that time was named "Siloe" like the wonder-worker spring near Jerusalem. Many villa-buildings were built until the revolution from 1848 there which unfortunately was burned by the time of the revolution. The beauty of the nature environs was the determinant element due to Baile Tusnad became an important international holyday resort.


Baile Tusnad has successful treatment possibilities for the next maladies: troubles of the nervous system: asthenias neurosis with anxious manifestations, depression, troubles of the autonomic nervous system, secondary asthenias stages, physical and mental tiredness.

Sicknesses of the cardiovascular system: troubles of the cardiac muscle and valve-problems –without cardiac failure, stages after heart-attack – at least three months after finishing the hospital treatment, vascular lesions (varicose veins and peripheral pulses), high blood pressure, recovery after thrombosis and varicose veins sickness.

Chronic illnesses of the lead, and of the linked glands: sicknesses of the stomach, functioning anomalies of the intestines, chronic gastritis – acid-hypertrophy and -deficiency, gastro-enteritis, colon-enteritis, sicknesses of the kidneys-, liver and bile.

Sicknesses of the endocrine glands: moderate thyroid gland-hypertrophy, thyroid gland-insufficiency, kidneys- insufficiency, Basedow-disease.

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